Bathroom Supplies Online

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Bathroom Supplies Online Showers

The shower is where quality counts the most in the long run. So our showers are made to our own exacting specifications with longevity in mind. They’re constructed and finished with rugged, hard-wearing and absolutely watertight materials.

But style matters too, so our showers also look amazing, with modern designs that will tansform any bathroom! We’ve got a wide range to suit any budget and layout.

Bathroom Supplies Online Toilets

Modern toilets aren’t the dumpy things most of us remember. Our designer toilet range covers both cistern and discreet cistern-less layouts, and they’re all as modern and stylish as you can get.

They’re also efficient, with full and half flush functionality, and are designed to operate on the lowest volume of water needed to flush effectively.

Bathroom Supplies Online Vanities

Our range of vanities and storage cabinets is huge, it has to be so we can cater to any bathroom layout our customers can imagine.

Whether they’re floor standing or wall-hung designs, all of our storage options benefit from contemporary elegant styling, they are also built to last and are very practical, with rugged hinges and drawer mechanisms that’ll stand the test of time.

Bathroom Supplies Online Baths

There’s nothing that beats that luxurious feeling of a hot bath after a long day. From elegantly designed drop-in baths to gorgeous freestanding versions, we’ve got a bath that will suit any bathroom.

In addition to being good looking, they’re also engineered to be practical, long lasting and watertight, so you know that your investment will add long-term value to your home.