How A Steam Stopper Can Improve Your Wellbeing

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How A Steam Stopper Can Improve Your Wellbeing, Woman wrapped in towel out of focus obscured by blurry steam

How A Steam Stopper Can Improve Your Wellbeing 

If you’re a fan of relaxing in hot showers, you may want to consider adding a Steam Stopper to Improve Your Wellbeing. Though steamy showers are great for unwinding, the mist produced from hot showers isn’t exactly a great thing for your bathroom. Steam Stoppers are designed to stop bathroom steam and excessive misting. A great design element which can boost the capabilities of shower units. Steam Stoppers also provide numerous benefits that can vastly improve your well-being. Here’s what you need to know about their use and benefits!

How it works

When you take a hot shower in an open shower unit, cold damp air can enter and mix with the hot, moist air that rises from within your shower. The condensation process generates steam that may cause your bathroom glass and mirrors to mist, leading to an unhealthy bathroom environment where mould can easily grow.

By installing a Steam Stopper, you can effectively avoid this. The product is designed to enclose the top part of a shower unit, so that the hot damp air remains separated from the cooler ambient air in the room, saving energy, and also preventing excessive water usage.

Benefits on your wellbeing

Apart from saving on utilities such as water and energy, steam stoppers contribute to improving your bathing experience, thus your overall wellbeing.

  1. Opens sinuses – If you have the sniffles, a good hot shower in a unit with a steam stopper can make all the difference in helping you breathe easier.
  2. Inhibits mould growth – Mould loves to grow in warm and moist places including bathrooms. The steam from showers condensates on walls, and any cold surface that makes it easy for mould to thrive and may become a problem for those with asthma or breathing problems. Steam stoppers don’t give mould a chance to grow in the first place.
  3. Promotes healthy blood flow – Using a steam stopper enables your shower units to maximise the benefits of the heat inside. When your body is exposed to the heat from the shower, it helps the blood to flow freely throughout your body.
  4. Reduces stress – The heat from a nice hot shower can help your body release the hormones called endorphins. Endorphins reduce feelings of stress, and that’s why you leave shower rooms feeling calmer and more rejuvenated.

Steam Stoppers let you get the best from hot showers!

Apart from the heat being good to your bodies, using steam stopper will significantly reduce your worries when it comes to decaying paint and wallpaper, and other bathroom renovation costs. By reducing steam and condensation, you help your bathroom look good longer, and become a healthier place to relax in.

Buy your steam stopper today with Bathroom Direct! We have a range of Steam Stoppers available in varying shapes and sizes. Our steam stoppers are an easy DIY product that features a durable, translucent finish. Contact us today to find out more!

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