Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Small Spaces

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Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Small Spaces

Let’s be honest, a small bathroom can struggle with bathroom storage. We would all prefer a great, wide open space to for our toiletries and accessories. However, this is the real world, and sometimes a bathroom must be fitted into a small area. Whether you have an apartment with limited overall space, or a second or third bathroom you’re trying to fit into a larger property, there are plenty of great ways to renovate a small bathroom. Changing the structure and layout of your bathroom as well as its design elements will give the appearance of having more space than you really do, and make your little bathroom a joy to use.

Build around the main piece

Step one in your small bathroom renovation is to install the correct vanity. These are feature pieces of any bathroom and typically take up a lot of space, which is a major problem when that isn’t what you have. A vanity that is too deep will encroach on the middle of the room, which is the most essential part to keep free when you’re trying to ensure access and reduce claustrophobia. The solution is to go for a wall-hung vanity. It has two benefits: it can be narrower (since the sink attaches to the wall) and it also opens up room for storage baskets and shelves underneath.

Save space on the shower

Showers take up a lot of room, but they’re also essential features of any bathroom. A swinging door can be a nightmare to navigate in a tight space, so instead you could opt for a shower curtain or a sliding door. The corner is the most efficient space to put a shower, since you’re maximising the size of the space left next to it. You can make up for the lost wall space by hanging towel racks or hooks on the side of the shower – every inch of space counts!

Get good storage

You mustn’t think of any area of your small bathroom as used until you’ve covered the entirety of its vertical dimension – on the wall above the toilet, beneath the sink, or even using the top of the shower as a shelf – every spot you can add storage will really help to turn your little bathroom into a far more functional space. Storage towers can fit into any little available bit of floorspace and add plenty of storage room with their height. After the toilet, vanity and shower, storage is the major feature your bathroom needs, and fortunately it is the one that is most easily adaptable to space.

Use design features to your advantage

Where you can’t make up for a lack of space, you can trick the eye to give the illusion there’s more there than there actually is. A wide mirror accomplishes this task well, as do choosing large scale patterns for your surfaces. Rounding the edges of your sinks, shelves and cabinets also makes the space look bigger, but this actually has a safety benefit too – square edges are a nasty hazard in a small space, since they’re just about the right height to bang your hip on.

Got big ideas for your small bathroom?

These storage solutions can make it feel like you have a whole new bathroom, but here at Bathroom Direct we’re experts at getting you the real deal. It’s never been easier to get your dream bathroom, as our seven-step process will take you all the way from the initial concept stage through to the final installation, and it comes with a complete quality guarantee.
A small area doesn’t have to be a limitation as long as you think big. We’re happy to chat about Bathroom Renovation Ideas for Small Spaces to suit you. Please feel free to contact us to get the ball rolling on your small bathroom renovation.

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