Bathroom Storage Solutions You Never Considered

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Bathroom Storage Solutions You Never Considered

Your bathroom should be the cleanest and tidiest room in the house. After all, it’s where you clean yourself, right? Unfortunately, it can be hard to keep a bathroom looking shipshape with all the products and accessories we use these days. It’s more and more important to have good storage solutions to keep everything out of the way – no loose electronics, empty shampoo bottles or old toothbrushes in sight!

But how do you find a place for everything when you just don’t have the space? Well, how about trying some of our innovative storage solutions? You might just end up wishing you’d heard about them sooner.

Pick the right vanity for your bathroom

Your vanity is usually the main piece of your bathroom, both storage-wise and aesthetically. It should be compact and practical, but also stylish. Anyone aiming for storage should choose a vanity that contains ample shelving and drawers. Many vanities contain pullouts that are great for storing toilet paper and towels – things you have a lot of in the bathroom and can cause clutter. Vanities can be attached to the floor or the wall. A wall-attached unit opens up extra space underneath, which you can fill with baskets or plastic boxes that open up even more storage space.

Get vertical with a storage tower

In a smaller space like a bathroom, floor area is at a premium. So, go up, right? Storage towers allow you to utilise all that headroom, opening up acres of storage you never knew you had. You’re not sacrificing style either – they can really frame up and orient your space with their height and come in multiple sizes to fit your bathroom design. Next time you’re trying to find more storage in your bathroom, stop looking at the floor – check out all that unused space up at your eye level and above.

Put storage on the wall

Another great way to minimise the footprint of storage units on your limited flooring area is to hang up a wall cabinet. There are plenty of great designs for wall cabinets that will fit any area. A common gripe with wall cabinets is that you can hit your head on the doors, but you can easily eliminate the problem by choosing one with a thin profile – and even 7-10cm of storage space is plenty for toilet paper, hand towels or bottles. One great idea is to mount your mirror to the doors of a wall cabinet. This way, you maximise your space by putting shelves behind something you were going to have anyway – a total win-win.

Can I have a side of vintage style?

While wicker baskets add a huge dash of vintage flair to a crisp, white bathroom aesthetic, they are also unrivaled for sheer storage and can go anywhere. Baskets are available in a huge range of shapes and sizes and can be stacked up to provide even more room. Try placing them under the sink or in any other unused nook to use the space without giving the appearance of clutter. Lightweight and durable, they can be moved around to access their contents or placed easily in different parts of the bathroom – the ultimate blend of form and function.

How can you get the bathroom reno of your dreams?

These storage solutions can make it feel like you have a whole new bathroom, but here at Bathroom Direct we’re experts at getting you the real deal. It’s never been easier to get your dream bathroom, as our seven-step process will take you all the way from the initial concept stage through to the final installation, and comes with a complete quality guarantee.

Contact us to get the ball rolling on the design and planning of your new bathroom today.

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