Benefits of Upgrading Your Bathroom Before selling Your House

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Benefits of Upgrading Your Bathroom Before selling

Bathrooms are a huge selling point in any home, and the state of your bathroom has a significant effect on how well your house will sell. Renovating your bathroom, or even just switching out your old appliances for something new (because a freestanding bath is more trendy now than ever before) can lift your whole home into a more marketable piece of modern luxury.

A new bathroom creates a neutral environment

Living in a house for many years causes subtle changes and decay to happen to interior spaces over time. You probably won’t even notice them yourself, but potential buyers with fresh eyes on the place will see this decay as a huge fallback because it shows the houses age.

A bathroom – especially if it was built over a decade ago – is the first space to show visible decay in a home. This is mainly because the moisture created in bathrooms over time will cause the contents of the space to age more quickly than any other room. Wear can also occur just from daily life, as we use our bathrooms every day, and they can’t be kept pristine forever. Dirt and grime are bound to build up sooner or later.

Give your bathroom a makeover to remove any signs of age or wear. Anything from a fresh paint job and good quality tiles, to a new shower enclosure can be a great investment. This will create a fresh bathroom environment that anyone moving in to your home will appreciate. Keep your colours and textures neutral, so that they appeal to a vast majority of families.

Bring your bathroom into this century

Lots of houses in New Zealand cities were built in the early to mid 20th century. This means they could be coming up to around 100 years old. An old house can have charm and character when maintained – just look at any Villa in Herne Bay – but we can guarantee if you go inside any of these old houses, that the bathroom will have been renovated much more recently than its first build.

Bathroom renovations are a necessity, as bathroom design is anything but timeless. The technologies involved in modern showers, baths, and even bathroom vanities in NZ are drastically different to those that were available to high end bathrooms last decade, let alone last century. The market is always looking for the newest and best product they can get. If your bathroom is old, no matter how well you scrub and clean it, it is always going to stand out in your home.

Bring your bathroom into this century by replacing and renewing the most obvious aspects: appliances, tiles, and colours. These factors will highlight the age of your whole home, and this will affect a buyer’s decision making drastically.

The return on Investment checks out

A bathroom is one of the best places to renovate in the whole house if you want to increase value. If you’re careful about it, and choose a design that will look timeless and on-trend, you can absolutely make the money you spend on bathroom renovations back when you sell. A modern bathroom will attract more buyers, increasing the competition. People are much more willing to pay more for a house that doesn’t need any work rather than pay to renovate after purchasing. This means when renovating your bathroom, it’s important to think about the design that will appeal to a lot of people, rather than your own personal tastes.

Consult the Bathroom Renovation Specialists Today

If you’re looking to renovate your bathroom before you sell your home, it’s always best to consult a professional first. At Bathroom Direct, we can help you through the whole process; from consultation about what bathrooms sell best, to helping you all the way through to when your installation is complete.

Contact us today to find out more.

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