Colourful Bathroom Renovations to Inspire

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Colourful Bathroom Renovations to Inspire

Bathrooms can be such an exciting part of your home renovations. It’s always been the norm to keep a bathroom neutrally toned without much colour, but this isn’t to everyone’s taste! This blog is dedicated to the lovers of colour – those who seek excitement and boldness in their lives. Get ready, because we’re going to share some exciting ways you can easily bring exciting colours into your bathroom renovations.


Go Crazy with Neon

Neon colours are great to use in a bathroom space because they keep the area just as bright as if it were entirely white. This makes this the perfect colour scheme for your morning routine, and for selfie lighting of course!

If you’re looking for ways to incorporate neon into your bathroom, there are lots of ways to do it. You can start with a stark white base, keeping your bathroom vanities, toilets and other appliances a traditional white colour. Then layer neon products on top with accessories, towels, even the door handle or showerhead.

If you’re not scared to go bold in a way that’s a little more permanent, there are lots of options for neon tiling and wall coverings that you can renovate your bathroom with. Try a spot colour for your shower tiles, or include a statement wall that stands out.


Add a Pop of Colour

If you’re a fan of simple-yet-effective, a great way to add colour to your bathroom renovations is to choose one or two elements in the bathroom to design in a bold, bright spot colour. This works exceptionally well if the rest of the bathroom is all one colour, like white. You can buy bathroom supplies online in a coloured material, or paint some yourself. The latter option helps if you are wanting to paint multiple items the same, as you can get the shade exactly right.


Renovate Naturally

Natural, earthy tones are a great colour scheme to add to a bathroom. What’s cleaner and more hygienic than mother nature? This colour scheme lets you feel like you’re out in the great outdoors, from the comfort (and privacy) of your own bathroom. Forest green, paired with wood and stone textures work well together in this environment. This palette allows for a lot of mix-and-match, and the world really is your oyster when it comes to combining colours and textures in lots of different ways.

This colour scheme also allows for you to accessorise your bathroom with real plants. Do your research first, but there are some species of plants that really thrive in the humid, wet environments of your bathroom. They can purify the air you breathe and prevent mould, while being the perfect final touch to a natural bathroom renovation.

Textures and Shapes

Adding colour to your bathroom is a great opportunity to mix up the textures and patterns that traditionally line your bathroom. For starters, deciding on no more boring tiles. Tiles are always laid out in the same rows and columns; it gets a little tedious, doesn’t it? Try using two or three shades of tiles, and designing a unique pattern that turns the grid tile look on its head.
Another opportunity that’s even more unique is to play around with changing up the traditional shapes that encompass your bathroom. Normal bathrooms have rectangular shapes all throughout: boxy cabinets, traditional window panes, etc. A colourful bathroom has already broken the biggest bathroom rule, so why not break some more? See if you can incorporate some curves into your bathroom design in unique and interesting ways.

Ocean Hues

This last colour scheme is for the traditionalist who still wants to stand out from the crowd. Ocean hues are used most commonly to add colour to bathrooms, as these tones compliment the plumbing. This doesn’t make it unoriginal to add blue to your bathroom, as there are so many different and unique ways it can be done.

Play around with your favourite blue tones, and look at tiling, cabinetry or even appliances that come in wonderful ocean hues. Take advantage of the fact that this is a common bathroom colour, and explore all the opportunities this presents you with when buying bathroom supplies. Lots of items that don’t come in different colours may have a blue option, such as some of these freestanding baths.

Think about the different styles that different blue tones have: light, pastels and smooth materials can make you feel like you’re inside a swimming pool, while deeper blues mixed with a lot of texture have a more bohemian, rustic style.

Bathroom Renovations with Bathroom Direct

At Bathroom Direct, we work with you the entire way through your renovation process to help you develop the bathroom of your dreams. The first step is just to give us a call and we can discuss all of your bathroom visions. Our expert design team will work with you, based on your ideas and a home consultation to design a 3D bathroom layout with rendering software. Lastly, the installation process is entirely project managed by us, so you don’t have to coordinate anyone else.

If you’re considering bathroom renovations, maybe you’ve been inspired by this post or maybe you need some more ideas to look at. Give us a call any day of the week and we can help you to realise your dream bathroom.

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