Top Bathroom Trends in 2018

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Top Bathroom Trends in 2018

Chipping paint, busted lights, chipped ceramics—these are a few of the tell-tale signs of weathering indicating that it’s time for a renovation. Bathroom renovations can be pretty tricky to navigate around, but they are also very rewarding! As this year ends, let’s take a look at trends that have become popular with people renovating their bathrooms.

Bathroom lighting with attitude

In general, bathrooms have been designed with more consideration toward industrial-styled pieces. Light sconces have been making a comeback in bathrooms designed for elegance, and these have evolved to an even more sophisticated style. Bathroom lighting has shifted to different geometric pieces that deliver a warmer vibe to various bathroom styles. When paired with an industrial-themed bathroom and a monotone-patterned floor, the result is an elegant-looking bathroom that is aesthetically pleasing.
There are many different sconces you can choose from – what’s important is to choose one that complements the style you have in mind for your bathroom.

The softening effect of curtains

This style is perfect for white, pristine-looking bathrooms. Window treatments give bathrooms a sense of identity, and curtains are a big help in making that work. Whatever the theme of a bathroom, curtains make a bathroom look softer while adding to the feeling of a luxurious space. Curtains are also perfect for bathrooms because of the ceramics and different fixtures in the room. Without much thought put into the decorating of a bathroom, the result can feel clinical or sterilised. Curtains actually lend their softness to the whole room and transform a space.

One-tone bathrooms

Recent trends in architecture lead toward minimalist designs as the most appealing. When designing a bathroom, a monochrome style lends a classic appeal to your bathroom. Monochrome styles are also perfect for people who have trouble selecting colours that go well with each other. When you’re designing a monochrome bathroom, buying bathroom products in sets is better than buying them separately. A consistent design that works for all the products is better than trying to mix and match, otherwise it defeats the purpose of the monochrome bathroom.
Monochrome bathrooms also have a distinct aesthetic style to them. Others may see it as too simple, but simplicity has its advantages, as well as its own signature flair.

Bigger storage, more space for bathroom products

Another trend that’s gaining traction in the world of bathroom design is a bathroom with practical storage. If your storage spaces are kept minimal, you could start a mini-renovation in your bathroom. Practical storage spaces mean more room to stack your towels or other bath products. It is also easier to fit into your bathroom’s theme, since the available designs of storage are meant to go along with whatever bathroom design you create. Just remember to keep practicality in mind, and don’t go overboard trying to cram in more storage than you have items for.
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