FreeFlow Shower Trays

FreeFlow Shower Trays

Our design team was tasked to investigate ways of eliminating water leakage from shower trays. A common problem in New Zealand homes.

What they came up with was both very simple, but also extremely effective, some say the trays even look better..

The Freeflow shower tray design has focused on eliminating the potential for capillary action, also known as wicking, which is where water can travel along and over obstacles in order to escape our attempts to contain it.

Freeflow shower trays do away with the flat area of a conventional shower tray, where capillary action can sometimes occur. A 40mm upstand is a key component of this design, and combined with the free-flowing nature of the design, allows water to flow freely from the wall linings into the drainage area of the shower tray. There is no obstruction to the flow of water, and therefore no chance of capillary action.

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