5 Trends Dominating Bathroom Design Today

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Modern bathroom design featuring greenery and a curved bath

5 Trends of Bathroom Design

If you’re considering some bathroom renovations, whether they’re big or small, there are always so many options to choose from. The design process can be tricky, but if you stick to the latest in modern décor, you can be sure to have a brand-new bathroom that looks stunning. In this article, we’ll share some of the biggest trends in bathroom design today, and hopefully they’ll inspire your own bathroom renovations.


Forget squares and circles, the latest bathroom designs are showing off tessellations in as many ways as possible. Think hexagons, octagons, dodecagons; whatever shape you go with, they look absolutely stunning fitted into any modern bathroom, and can effectively create stand-out features of some elements that are often an afterthought.

Polygonal tiles look amazing when tiled in a tessellated pattern, whether it’s for a feature wall or for your whole bathroom! They work really well if you’re looking for something that doesn’t stand out too much, but still brings drab bathroom walls to life. Polygons can also make great mirrors, for a vanity that needs a bit of extra oomph.

There’s such a unique element to implementing polygons, making them a sure-fire way to project your bathroom design into this century.

Ceramic Textures

Tactile bathrooms are a huge trend right now. Including elements that have texture can be a great way to keep your bathroom looking homely and inviting, while staying true to modern design. Ceramic textures in particular have a handcrafted feel to them, which can give a space an element of intimacy and relaxation.

Including ceramics in your bathroom design could range from swapping out your toothpaste holders with handcrafted earthenware pots, to swapping out your wall tiling for beautifully textured, speckled ceramic designs.


What better way to bring a bathroom to life than including actual living plants in your design? Indoor plants are all the rage right now, and there are many species that can really thrive in the humid atmosphere of your bathroom. Not only do plants look great in any bathroom, they also help to improve the air quality – preventing mould and dampness, and helping you breathe easier.

A recent trend when it comes to including greenery in this space is to create a moss-mat for your bathroom floor. That way, you can step in and out of the shower onto a lush bed of real-live moss. If that sounds a little extreme for your design style, there are lots of green, leafy plants that will thrive in your bathroom. Try hanging some philodendrons from the ceiling, or growing tall snake plants in pots.

Smooth Curves

The market is telling us that 90⁰ corners in bathrooms are on the way out. Today, curves are incredibly popular in many designer bathrooms, big and small. Curves make a space seem more open and inviting, as they don’t provide an endpoint for the eye to rest, such as the corner of a room. Including curves in smaller bathrooms can work well for this reason.

Some bathrooms take an intrusive corner – such as inside the shower – and transform the wall into a curve, which can look incredible, while staying unique at the same time. If your bathroom renovations are on a smaller scale, implementing curves anywhere else that you can will give a similar effect on a smaller scale. Try to find appliances that incorporate curves, or focus on curves in more unexpected places, such as the shape of your vanity or bathtub.

Floating Appliances

This trend has it all – it looks great AND it has a functional purpose. Next time you’re out shopping for bathroom appliances, consider looking at wall mounted options that seem to ‘float’ above ground. Floating vanity units and modern toilets look amazing.

This modern feature of appliance design gives the illusion of more space because they open up more floor surface area. They’re also excellent for cleaning, as you are easily able to sweep underneath them without having to navigate odd corners.

Renovate your bathroom today

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