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Bathroom Storage Solutions You Never Considered

Your bathroom should be the cleanest and tidiest room in the house. After all, it’s where you clean yourself, right? Unfortunately, it can be hard to keep a bathroom looking shipshape with all the products and accessories we use…

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3 Tips to Help Renovate Your Bathroom on a Budget

The bathroom is one key renovation that all homeowners will eventually navigate. When the paint begins to flake, and the grout is getting grimy, it means it is time for a fresh approach in the bathroom. This is a renovation that we know adds…

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Top Bathroom Trends in 2018

Top Bathroom Trends in 2018 Chipping paint, busted lights, chipped ceramics—these are a few of the tell-tale signs of weathering indicating that it’s time for a renovation. Bathroom renovations can be pretty tricky to navigate around, but they are also...

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New look at Bathroom Renovation

New look at a Bathroom Renovation, Bathrooms have always been hard to design, photograph or video. 360 deg Modern Technology is now giving us the ability to do each of these to help you and look from a different perspective and Design using 3D….

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Tileable Shower Trays

Tileable shower Trays Features 1 piece tray - no joins Built in Up-stands Uses an std Easyclean shower waste Very fast install - saves time & money Pre-shaped floor Stainless Steel Grate - removable No waterproofing of tray required No permit required Ideal for...

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