Top 10 Reasons to Invest in a Bidet

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Top 10 Reasons to Invest in a Bidet - Bathroom Direct

Top 10 Reasons to Invest in a Bidet.

Are you considering buying a bidet or toilet? Perhaps you are slightly on the fence, need a few extra pointers of just how great they are, and need help before you take the leap. Well, not only does it sound fancy to say that you have a bidet, but they provide many benefits that you just wouldn’t get with an ordinary toilet. Here are the top ten reasons why you should consider investing in one for your next bathroom renovation project!

Improves personal hygiene

Bidets are more hygienic than toilet paper, not only for your hands but also for your more sensitive parts. Let’s face it, we are covered in germs, and it’s drilled to us from a young age is to wash our hands with soap and water to get rid of those germs. We wouldn’t clean our hands with just a dry paper towel, so why do we settle for that with backends?

Great for the skin

Using a bidet helps you treat your sensitive areas with care. Different bidets offer different features, most of them providing warm water that cleanses and soothes the skin. We all know dry toilet paper can feel irritating and leave behind residue—all terrible for the sensitive skin down there!

It won’t break the bank

You can jump up and down in glee because buying a luxury bidet isn’t as expensive as you think. In fact, in the long run, you may even save money! We spend quite a lot of money on good toilet paper each week. Then after going to the toilet, you wash your hands with water. Why not redirect the use of that water for your bidet, which will soon be paid for from you not buying copious amounts of toilet paper for years to come.

Gently reduces environmental impact

A bidet is a lot more environmentally friendly. Millions of trees get cut down each year in order to make toilet paper, which is an enormous waste. Do your business in peace knowing that you are helping the environment and planet when using a bidet.

Better for slightly bigger problems

Using a bidet can be very beneficial for people who have certain medical conditions. As previously mentioned, a bidet is very soothing and reduces the discomfort of having to use toilet paper. It’s also very helpful when you’re constipated or have diarrhoea.

It just feels fancy

As grown adults, we can’t hide being excited about home improvements that add a little luxury and convenience. Not to worry, no one will judge you. Treat yourself with a little luxury. Your body and house guests will be impressed.

The seat is always nice and warm

For some reason, when you go to the toilet you spend a little bit of time there than expected. This is exactly why you want the seat to be warm and comfortable. There is nothing worse than sitting down on a freezing seat; it just makes you all tense and it’s no wonder that you take so long.

You can never really describe a toilet as being cosy. With heated seats, however, bidets get pretty close to being crowned that title.

Life lesson for the kids

From an early age, we try to teach our kids the importance of hygiene, after all, they always seem to be putting things into their mouths. Having a bidet in the house can be a great introduction to proper bathroom hygiene. The kids will thank you later when they’re older.

Reduced plumbing problems

Sometimes, all it takes is one too many pieces of toilet paper to clog the toilet. No one wants to deal with a clogged toilet, and bidets are great for avoiding them! You use 75% less toilet paper (or zero pieces, if you have the air-dry feature), which means there’s less that goes through the pipes to create unwanted clogs. Plumbing problems are a big hassle, and plumbers are expensive, so why not reduce or eliminate this problem completely with a new bidet?

Bidets are just plain awesome

Apart from all the other benefits, they are just awesome. They have so many different features that you can play around with and personalise. We guarantee you won’t regret investing in a bidet.

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Top 10 Reasons to Invest in a Bidet

  • Improves personal hygiene
  • Great for the skin
  • It won’t break the bank
  • Gently reduces environmental impact
  • Better for slightly bigger problems
  • It just feels fancy
  • The seat is always nice and warm
  • Life lesson for the kids
  • Reduced plumbing problems
  • Bidets are just plain awesome

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