Checklist for Planning Bathroom Renovation

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Bathroom Renovation Checklist

Does your bathroom look old and worn out? Is it in dire need of some renovation? If yes, don’t barge into redecorating it just yet. Instead, plan your way around your reno so that you don’t have to do it over.
The first thing you might want to consider is the budget you set aside. Based on that, you can either go for a complete transformation or make strategic changes for an enhanced look. Take care while planning your renovation to suit the needs of the people using it. Tick these considerations off your checklist before you get started!


Refurbishing your bathroom from scratch requires you to map your existing layout against a new one. Be cautious about planning a layout change that might require you to change your pipelines—unless you’re game for some extra costs and a lot of work!
If not, work around your current layout, but with changes that can lift the look of the space. Replacing showers with bathtubs and vice versa may seem easy, but this still requires some planning. Also, don’t forget to consider the location of the fittings. The last thing you would want is a toilet roll holder that is an arm’s length away from your toilet suite.


Bathrooms are damp spaces that require proper ventilation. Moisture in the air can lead to condensation and also make it the breeding place for mould. While planning a bathroom renovation, make sure you have good ventilation checked off your list. This may require installing a new system all together, or just getting your current one cleaned and refitted, as they can wear out or block up quite easily.
If your current bathroom is properly ventilated and has air vents or windows in place, you’re sorted. Just make sure you don’t impede the ventilations functionality while adding new features. However, if your bathroom lacks ventilation, you can install air vents or extractor fans. Depending on the space and budget, you can choose between different sizes and different fan types.

Light it up

Lighting is an important aspect to look into while renovating your bathroom. However, before you get into, answer a few questions first—Is your bathroom dim? Does it have enough natural light? Or are you looking to add a little drama to your bathroom with new lights?
Depending on your needs, lighting fixtures can resolve your problems and at the same time create the visual effect you are aiming for. While sconce lighting is both functional and decorative, dimmers can be great to add an element of romance. Layer your light sources for best effect!


Whether you are looking at additional storage space or trying to incorporate one in your current layout, developing a bathroom renovation plan cannot be complete without looking into this simple yet functional element. Functional storage spaces help de-clutter, making any room look tidy and spacious. In a bathroom, storage that is lifted off the floor and around eye height can be best, as it requires the least effort to reach in a space that may be limited.
Installing a wall-mounted cabinet can be a great solution for storing your toiletries, dirty laundry and spare toilet rolls. If you are limited by space, go for open shelving or mirrored cabinets. Built-in shower niches are great replacements for outdated shower caddies. Finally, don’t underestimate the power of hooks at the back of the door or near a vanity.

Modern upgrades

If you are looking at giving your bathroom a luxurious makeover on a contemporary note, go for the kill—get a luxury bidet along with a stylish spa bath for an ultimate experience! You may be surprised at how little difference there can be in price between these luxury items and your standard bathroom appliances, and you may find it’s worth it to lift your bathroom to the next level.

Consult The Bathroom Renovation Experts

Whether you are looking to renovate your bathroom completely or just need to spruce up the space a bit, it is always best to consult an expert and go by a checklist created especially around your needs.
At Bathroom Direct, we take pride in providing tailor-made solution based upon your requirement for a bathroom renovation. Talk to us today to find out more.

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