Top New Shower and Bath Renovation Ideas for Your Bathroom

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Top New Shower and Bath Renovation Ideas for Your Bathroom

When it comes to bathroom renovations, it pays to do your research and see what the latest and greatest products are that can turn your bathroom into a stunning piece of modern design. Whether it’s practical innovations to improve the quality of your showers or luxury additions to your contemporary bathing space, we’ll have a look at how frameless showers, freestanding baths, spa baths and shower enclosures are becoming ever popular to have in the modern bathroom.

Go Frameless

Contemporary design is all about minimalism – sleek lines and transparency make up a stylish, modern aesthetic that will bring your bathroom into the twenty-first century. This minimalist look can be easily and effectively achieved with the use of Dreamline Showers, quickly gaining popularity as they are almost entirely made of glass, without clunky frames or panels.

Dreamline Showers feature either a frameless square or rounded glass corner shower, with magnetic waterproofing seals and stainless-steel hinges placed subtly at corners. This sleek, modern can have a door that swings or slides into place – the options really are endless. It will fit into any acrylic shower walls and can also be attached directly to tiled walls and flooring.

Taking away any framing or shower floor can help create a much more spacious shower design – even if your bathroom doesn’t have all that much room for one. Match this piece with a waterfall design showerhead and some stone tiling for the ultimate shower escape – you’ll feel more like you’re in a beautiful rainforest than your own bathroom.

Resort Living

Speaking of getaways – who doesn’t love a getaway in their own home? There are so many exciting ways to have that vacation feeling right from the comfort of your own home. It’s becoming increasingly popular during modern bathroom renovations to get your very own spa bath – just like they have in the fanciest of five-star hotel rooms. They’re becoming less of a flamboyant splash of wealth and more of a practical household piece of plumbing.

Your spa bath can be a perfect way to unwind after a stressful day, a great tool to aid with relaxation and sleep problems, as well as relieve muscular aches and pains. Not to mention they’re a fun way to get the kids excited about hygiene. Spa baths aren’t too different from your everyday bath – they come in freestanding versions, corner two-person baths or single alcove baths, and even in convertible form with a shower attachment for efficiency. These are easy additions that will transform your bathroom into a luxury space that has practical purpose.

Steamy Enclosures

One of the easiest ways to let your newly renovated bathroom deteriorate is to let condensation build up. This happens when your shower lets cold air in through the top to mix with the hot air from your shower, causing moisture and dampness to build up through the whole room. This can easily lead to mould and can ruin a paint job – something nobody wants to happen to their home.

A popular innovative appliance that is trending in bathrooms everywhere is the SteamStopper shower enclosure. It’s an acrylic dome that sits on top of your shower, keeping cold air outside and warm air inside. These are growing in popularity because not only do they stop condensation – protecting your bathroom space, but they also keep all of the heat in your shower circulating within the shower area, creating a luxuriously warm shower experience.

With SteamStopper, you can place bath oils or branches such as Eucalyptus in your shower just as you would in a bath to create an aromatic relaxing experience. The SteamStopper is a real game-changer, transforming your regular shower into a relaxing stand-up bathing experience.

Stand Alone

Elegance at its finest in the bathroom has always been a freestanding bath – think Victorian style claw-foot tubs that sat in the very centre of a huge royal palace bathroom. These days, claw-foot tubs tend to suit a certain taste, but the freestanding bath itself only evolved, never losing popularity.

Contemporary freestanding bath designs are incredibly popular with modern bathroom renovations. Whether they come in a perfect, seamless oval or an ergonomic abstracted shape, they all feature the same elegance that freestanding baths have had for centuries, with a modern sense of minimalism that screams style. They are popular as they don’t have to be mounted against a wall or in an alcove, so they help to maximise space in a small bathroom, especially if you get one that concaves at the bottom or a slightly smaller size, as you wouldn’t even notice the difference.

There are plenty of different options to consider when you want to design a new, modern bathroom or take on a bathroom renovation, and Bathroom Direct is here to help you out with the whole process. Contact us so we can help you figure out what your perfect bathroom will look like!

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